Mohamad Hussain Kagzi

Mohammad Hussain Kagzi is probably the last of india's traditional papermakers. His Family origins go back to Arabia and the shakh clan. The Family Arrived in India via Bokhara in Central Asia. They arrived in India around 800 years ago,settling in the Rajasthani village of Sanganer, just outside jaipur.the family name Khagzi literally means paper maker,from Arbic,and the word currently used for paper in modern hindi is Kagaz.



The history of paper dates back to the history of human culture and civilization. Handmade paper making is a traditional art that has been practisized by a particular class of people and generations together. This art has been passed from one generation of craftsmen to another generations of craftsmen. These craftsmen are also known as kagzi. Their name is derived from urdu Language word “Kawas” which mean paper. Mohammad Hussain Kagzi runs one of the few units making paper. He is a part of extended Kagzi family. They were originally from Turkey and from there mover to China and then family settled in India. Kagzi family history goes back to 14th century when the rular was Feroz Shah Tuglag in Delhi. Even in those days Royalty used handmade paper made by them for official document, pantings, calligraphy, and to make copies of Holy Quran and to maintain account books. In the 16th century the rular of Amber, Raza Man Singh brought the Kagzi’s to saganer and settled them on the bank of river Sarsvati. Thus the town emerged as one of the biggest paper producing center in North India.

About Kagzi


Zakir Hussain Kagzi S/O Mohammad Hussain Kagzi
currently surviving the art of Kagzi family .Having Experience of 27 years.

Danish Hussain Kagzi Grandson

of the Mohammad Hussain Kagzi learning traditional hand made paper business.